Adjustment Counselor

    My name is Gabriela Brennet and I am the Adjustment Counselor at Huckleberry Hill School. This is my first year at Huckleberry Hill and I am so happy to be here! I received my masters in Mental Health Counseling/School Adjustment Counseling from Lesley University and am also a certified Elementary Education teacher. I love spending time outdoors, being with family and my pets, and all things Social/Emotional Learning!

    I work closely with teachers to help support students here in the building who are struggling with their mental health. My goal is to help every student feel happy, safe, and ready to learn! On this page, you will find resources and information on anxiety and depression, ADHD, stress and more. If your child is in need of support, the first step is to reach out to their teacher. From there, we will work together to explore ways to best help your child.