Q. Who are the people in the HHS main office?

A. Principal: Melissa Wyland

Secretary: Mary Henehan

Clerk: Heide Carbone

Nurse: Suzy DePalma

Q: How can I contact someone at Huckleberry Hill School?

Main Phone: 781­-334­-5835 Fax: 781­-334­-7205

Principal: wylandm@lynnfield.k12.ma.us;

Secretary: henehanm@lynnfield.k12.ma.us;

Clerk: carboneh@lynnfield.k12.ma.us;

Web Page address: www.lynnfield.k12.ma.us

To contact a teacher: Check the web site for an individual teacher’s e­mail address or call the school office to be put into their voice mail. In most cases, it’s his/her last name and first initial followed by @lynnfield.k12.ma.us.

Q: Is there a school newsletter?

A: Yes. We have an informative newsletter – Huckleberry Highlights! It is uploaded onto our website every Monday at www.lynnfield.k12.ma.us

Hard copies are available in the office, if needed.

Q: Will I have any opportunity to meet with my child’s teacher or principal?

A: Formal conferences are scheduled once per year. A parent/guardian may arrange to speak to their child’s teacher at any other time by contacting the school office at 781­-334-­5835. There is also an Open House early in the school year. Check the website.

Additionally families may request to meet with the Principal at any time.

Q: What are the school hours?

A:Huckleberry Hill School hours: Grs. K-­4 8:20am-­2:30pm Summer Street School hours: Grs. K-­4 8:50am­-3:000pm

Note: Every year the two elementary schools alternate schedules.

Q: When there is an early dismissal day at HHS what time will dismissal be?

A: Early dismissal time for all grades K-­4 at HHS will be at 11:30AM.

Q: When is MCAS testing and who will it affect?

A: This information is published several times in our Monday Update, is posted on our website and is also available from the DOE. Special Attn: Grs 3 and 4 parents: Please be cognizant of all mandated testing dates before arranging any time away from school for your child.

Q: Where can I get a list of students in my child’s class?

A: Individual classroom teachers will be permitted to release that information after parental approval is received.

Q: What do I need to do if I want to pick up my child before the scheduled dismissal time?

A: Send in a note (or call asap if it’s an emergency). You will need to come in to the main office and sign your child out.

Q: What is the procedure if a child is tardy for some reason?

A: The child needs to go directly to the front office and check in. He/she will be given a pass to go to class.

Q: How will I learn about bus transportation?

A: Bus routes are published in the local newspapers two weeks before school starts – in mid August. Any changes in a child’s regular dismissal plans requires a note. Phone calls are for emergencies only.

Q: Can my child ride home on a different school bus, for a play date or an after­ school activity?

A: No. A child may only ride on a bus to which he/she is assigned and my only get off at his/her regularly assigned bus stop. However, you may arrange for your child to be picked up from school (by yourself or another person) with a note indicating any procedural change. If we don’t hear from you, the child will be sent home in his/her usual manner and after school arrangements can be made at that time.

Q: Who do I speak with if I have a problem with assigned transportation?

A: You can call Sheila Ryan at 781-334-9200 x 9215 or email her at ryansh@lynnfield.k12.ma.us

Q: What do I do if my child is going to be absent due to illness?

A: We have a voice mail system on after school hours. Please call the school at 781-­334-­5835 at any time (24/7) and leave a brief message stating when your child will be absent and why. This is a safety measure. If you don’t call us, we will locate you. A written note must be sent in prior to any long­-term absence.

Q: Do I need to send in a note after an absence?

A: Yes. Write a brief note to the classroom teacher. This is especially helpful in the case of any contagious illness.

Q: Can I send in medicine for my child to take at school?

A: All medication that must be administered during school hours can be given only by the school nurse. Parent/guardian must provide the school with a written and current order from the physician and medications must be in their original prescription container. For more information, speak with the school nurse, Suzy DePalma.

Q: Can my child purchase a school lunch and how does he/she do it?

A: We have point of sales systems throughout the district. Each student is assigned a password that operates like a debit card. To purchase a school lunch for your child, checks are payable to Lynnfield Food Services and sent to Food Services at Lynnfield Middle School, 505 Main Street, Lynnfield, MA 01940. Any questions or comments, please call Jim McCarthy, Food Services Director, at (781) 334-­7320 or email him at mccarthyjam@lynnfield.k12.ma.us

Q: How can I volunteer in the school?

A: All parents/gaurdians interested in volunteering with children must complete a CORI form with the Lynnfield school department. CORI forms are available in each school office and are valid for 3 years.

Q: How do I find items lost around school or on the bus?

A: We have a “lost and found” area. Please check it periodically. Remember to label ALL your child’s belongings with his/her name and teacher. Unclaimed items are regularly donated to a charity.

Q: My child wants to bring his/her favorite toy to school. Is this allowed?

A: Some teachers may offer a “show and tell” time in the weekly schedule as an opportunity to share a favorite possession. Items brought from home should NEVER be breakable or valuable. Some items that have caused disruption in the past include: electronic games, Webkins, Elves and Pokeman cards. These and similar items are not permitted in school.