Get to Know Us

The Huckleberry Hill School has a population of over 450 students in grades K-4 and over 60 faculty and staff members committed to providing our students with the very best learning experience.

Huckleberry Hero Pledge

“Today we will give our best effort in all that we do. We will work hard to be respectful caring citizens and excited learners. All of has the ability and responsibility to learn and succeed.”

Mission of the Lynnfield Public Schools

The mission of the Lynnfield Public Schools is to support and challenge all students to meet their full potential as individuals and citizens of the global community.

Vision of the Lynnfield Public Schools

The Lynnfield Public Schools fosters a culture of excellence in teaching and learning to create intellectually curious learners, broaden individual skills and talents and maximize each student’s potential.

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General School Information

Welcome to Huckleberry Hill School!

Our school is comprised of over 450 amazing students from Kindergarten through Fourth Grade (22 classrooms total). Our incredibly talented staff includes General Education teachers, Special Education teachers, Specialists, Special Area Providers, Paraprofessionals, and Interventionalists.

Our specialist programs, Music, Library/Media, Art, and Physical Education, continue to be an integral and vital aspect of our school culture. Students look forward to and identify their day with which specialist they will have. The specialists work collaboratively with the classroom teachers to discuss student progress and seek to incorporate concepts studied in the classroom with units of study in their respective areas.

All staff members are committed to growing and maintaining an environment that provides academic challenges, ensures children's safety, promotes tolerance and fosters positive relationships. Our Elementary Curriculum Directors work closely with staff to share best practices and assist in the planning of instruction. Our School Adjustment Counselor and School Psychologist constantly collaborate with teachers and families and work directly with students to develop social-emotional skills. As a school, we focus on building the productive attributes of a student through our Huckleberry Hero Program.

At HHS, we are dedicated to providing every student, every day, whatever it takes to help them grow to be the best they can be both academically and social-emotionally.